4 Days in India
Hot and Humid in the City of the Taj Mahal

A Day in New Delhi

Arrived in New Delhi yesterday morning after a glorious week at my Grandmother's house. What follows is a short summary of our day:

1) Slept in a little due to lack of sleep night before (we had to catch early morning train morning before).
2) Very gracious hosts (very close friends of my mother) offer their driver to us to take us to train booking office nearby.
3) First experience of crazy New Delhi traffic today.
4) Reserved train to Agra to see Taj Mahal and other Agra places of note. No hassle, very quickly done.
5) First Delhi Scooter Rickshaw ride - negotiated partially successfully: 10 rupees less, but still paid a little more than local/ Paid a lot less than North America though.
6) Much crazier traffic experience than in #3. Open sides to rickshaw and rickshaw driver always wanted to beat everyone else.
7) Met an Uncle and Aunt who were contemporaries of my grandparents. Some of the very best people I know in the world - Butalia family. Uncle and Auntie took us for a wonderful lunch at the very longstanding and exclusive Delhi Gymkhana Club. This club originated in 1913 by the British colonials, now social and sporting centre to some of Delhi's most interesting people. Marsha had to go in stocking feet, because they would not let her wear runners.
8) Dropped off at Fab India store so Marsha could buy some Indian style Salvaar Kameez. Very down to earth and comprehensive operation. Lots of imitators but this place is not losing steam. Many shoppers in the store while we were there. Actually, there were three Fab India stores in the same market - each offering different products. Quite amazing, very reasonably priced.
9) Second Delhi scooter ride. This time 50 rupees but driver almost crashed three times. You can say this was a nuch crazier traffic experience than #6. Even still, I somewho knew we would be fine.
10) Back to our host's home. Such great people. Marsha had a shower and I got Auntie's help in booking a guesthoue in Agra.
11) Now, about to log off this computer at a broadband Internet cafe (finally!) in up scale shopping area of New Delhi. Apparently this is a chain all over India and that is a good thing.


Jane Teed

Hi Arjun and Marsha,

What is a broadband internet cafe? Is it wireless? I bit the bullet and got my Palm Tungsten T2 yesterday. It has wireless connections. If I can't find a wireless Internet cafe in India, I will have to buy a connector and a modem - and carry them around, which is even worse...

Love your news, and the wonderful Typepad. You will have to show me how that works in December. Actually, I will need so much coaching that there will be little time for your other clients, Arjun.

Take care you two,

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