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Eating like Pigs in Kolkata / Calcutta

This may appear to be sort of a politically incorrect post, considering how little a lot of people have to eat in India, but today we ate a sumptuous buffet lunch at one of the very best hotels in Kolkata - the Oberoi Grand. We really needed it. After a second quite uncomfortable night, especially for Marsha, at the very inexpensive, basic Salvation Army Guest House, we spent our accommodation savings and then quite some on a wonderful wonderful lunch. After which, we felt calm and rested enough to face a browse through a totally busy market on the sidewalk of Kolkata'a main drag. I do not feel guilty at all.

Who should feel guilty is the strange person who decided to change the name of Calcutta to Kolkata. Now, there is a lesson in abstract vanity. People really starve here and the name change cost millions I am sure - all signs, stationery, etc. I gotta wonder.....and they don't have the excuse of being shellshocked travellers.


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