A Day in New Delhi
Our Visit to the Taj Mahal

Hot and Humid in the City of the Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful structures on this planet and that is what brought us to this city called Agra from where I currently write this post. But Agra for us has been so much more. This is the 'real' first stop in our travels through India, having been sheltered the first 10 days in India by family and close friends. We actually have a close family friend in Agra but we have not stayed with them. This has been a good thing. The first day in Agra we took a walk through the city which I can only describe as really really chaotic. Cars, people (some so incredibly poor), cows, rickshaws all passing through very narrow, very filthy lanes. The worst part for me was the buses, menacing as they often rumble right at you, horns shrieking in a incredibly high pitch shrill. And the weather. Well, these are the hottest and humidest days I likely have ever seen. I am pretty much drenched still as I sit here now.

What does this all mean for me and Marsha, just as we begin our journey of the next almost 3 months. Marsha was shocked and, for a while, upended by our first day in Agra. In fact, she said she was seriously considering flying home on the next flight. Over the past few days, we have met other travellers at our wonderful guest house, the Tourist Rest House. We have mulled over going North, sort of contrary to our prior plan, to escape the heat and humidity, at least for a while. Finally and in the end, we have come to a decision that makes me quite proud and happy. We are not going to let some of the challenges we have faced in Agra deter us from our plan when we got to Agra. We are going to Varanasi to see the Ganges. We have been discouraged by many.....(big electricity brownout, post continues sometime later)...to visit Varanasi but it is also some place Marsha has wanted to see. So we go!


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