Thank you Agra!
Thank God we're in Calcutta

Marsha's thoughts India -two

We are now in Varanassi. This is the dirtiest, noisiest and ugliest city I've ever been to....and if I could think of anymore superlatives I would add them on. It is cooler here now as it is raining...Doesn't matter as we are heading to Calcutta tonight. I like taking the trains. We took an overnight train from Agra to here and were 7hours late getting in. I woke up at about 5 in the morning realizing that we weren't moving and hadn't moved in quite a while. When we finally got going, three children came to talk to us. They wanted to see Canadian coins. I let them take a look at what I had and let each of them choose one that they wanted. All in all it was about 2.50$. The girl gave me a 2 rupee (5 cents) coin which was fine with me. Their mother made sure we had tea and toast. The kids questioned us about all kinds of things. We chatted and laughed. Sure made the time go a lot faster. At the train station, Arjun and I were attacked by all kinds of people who wanted to take us to all kinds of places...This family stood by to make sure we got a taxi to our hotel at a reasonable price. Now that I'm at the hotel and I think back on that long train ride, it turns out I got the better exchange rate in the end.


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