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The Varanasi Eight-Step

Thank God we're in Calcutta

After Varanassi, the rest of India should be a piece of cake...That place was...well we had been forewarned...Like I said all I wanted to do was move forward. We took an overnight train and arrived here early this morning. I find it very interesting that there seemed to be no women in our train car. Arjun was quickly surrounded by 4 men who were up for a discussion on India, Canada and travel. I find it rather lonely when these men greet Arjun in such a friendly way, politely acknowledge my existence and then proceed to talk mainly to Arjun. They offer me food of course, but the discussion seems to be for the men. Once again the harrassment that I expect at some of these train stations just didn't happen as one gentleman very kindly arranged a taxi and accompanied us to our guest house. Calcutta has a different feel to it than the other cities that we've visited - a lot more European, a lot more relaxed. We visited Arjun's aunt's house for lunch and I showed her our guidebook. she knew of and recommended some of the same restaurants. Then we went to our guesthouse and the surrounding shopping area. It really is a relief to see the locals out shopping and eating in the places where the tourists go. Uncle Max, thank you for your words of encouragement...I will the way why in Canada do we use aunt and uncle before a person's name, but here the words aunt and uncle follow the name?


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