Now We are Really Home
Merry Christmas

I had been in India

Coming home was a bit of a shock...When we first got into Vancouver Airport, Arjun asked me what I thought about being in Vancouver Airport. I said that it was so sterile...Then in the cab on the way to the apt, I couldn't help but notice no one is beeping, there are no cows to swerve around, the cab has to stop at every red light which is on the corner of every block, there just isn't the amount of human, animal or wheeled traffic to contend with, there is no one creating lanes where none exist, there is no beeping....Later on in the weekend, my friend noticed that I wasn't freaking out about her driving on the busy Vancouver roads...She also commented that I was being so patient while she Christmas shopped...There's no haggling, the salespeople speak my language, everything is so nicely laid out and easy to see, there's no pressure to buy or look at anything that isn't appealing, it's easy to find the shop that sells what I want...In other words, I had been in India....


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