Arjun - Missing India in Vancouver
I had been in India

Now We are Really Home

Sitting here in our wonderful apartment overlooking Kamloops, getting things organized, tidied, put away, and so on and so forth. I am sitting on my desk chair in front of my desk that I haven't sat at for almost 4 months.

I am so in love with my wife. That is wonderful. Being together in India, joined at the hip, being a team really strengthened our friendship and our comfort with each other. And it continues to develop in interesting ways.

I guess this blog needs to change now. We are no longer in India, but I think, once and for all, I have caught the blogging bug. I have resisted for quite a long time, probably two years but I don't remember exactly. And now, I need to jump in with both feet and write and share and figure things out. Online to share with whoever wants to read.

I am insanely looking forward to this.


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