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Damn that Oprah's Birthday

My wife now wants John Travolta to MC her next birthday and she wants Tina Turner to sing. I am about to throw our TV out of our 3rd floor

(Actually, don't tell anyone, but I kinda totally dig Oprah (but I didn't say that here))

Update, Feb 10th - getting a lot of hits from folks looking for more substantial info on Oprah's birthday. Welcome and here are some links for you:

- ET Online
- Access Hollywood
- Oprah's web site

>And, Oprah, if you happen to visit, I would be a real hero to my wife if I could get her tickets to your show. What do you think? Pretty please....

Visiting Bonnie Leonard's Law Office

Bonnie Leonard, newly independent practioner of law and current candidate for the federal Liberal party nomination in the Kamloops Thompson Highland Valleys electoral riding, held a open house at her new law offices today.
I was there, ate a nice bunwich and drank a canfull of coke, and here are some impressions:

- Her law offices are configured like a campaign office. She has got a large. long 'campaign work' type room and, this is very important, a large room with a fridge, sink, and water cooler. People get hungry working on a campaign and most campaign offices I have seen have good stocks of food. Bonnie told me she even has ambition to turn the office into a constituency office if she becomes MP.

- Bonnie is a down to earth seeming person, a little quiet. I don't think that necessarily a bad thing, but I think Bonnie may have a hard time attracting people in large groups, where she can't get one on one. It would be interesting to watch this over the next little while.

- As a former chief of the Kamloops Indian Band, I think its really a great thing that Bonnie continue to work to build bridges between different communities. We need to work tirelessly in Canada to understand each other and find solid common ground. Today, at another meeting I attended, someone equated 'bum' with "Indian' and that did not sit well with me at all. I confronted them on this and they said they did not mean to offend - person's got nothing against Indians generally. We have to get past the point where we can quite easily fall into such stereotypes.

What the Hell is Innovation and How do I get me some?

Today, the Interior Science Innovation Council (ISIC) fired another shot across the bow of the boat 'MV Kamloops Technology Strategy' today. I applaud Bill McQuarrie, Jenn Fernie, and the ISIC Board for their sincere efforts. Today, the topic was trying to implement some of the recommendations of a report called "Promoting Innovation and Commercialization in Rural British Columbia" (PDF file.)

A tome of some substance and weight, it appears.

Just because I am increasingly weary and gun-shy about sitting in another room, discussing the same things again and again, it did not stop me from sitting for the whole day today in the hopes that the discussions would finally get a little traction.

I have a lot of respect for the people in that room today who weren't getting paid to be there. Whoever they were and they likely weren't all people who have their own business.

It's sort of strange how clear my passion for creating something long lasting feels, compared to how convoluted the path sometime looks.

As was hoped from the podium today, I also hope we can look back on today and say this is when our success collaboration and coordination to create a really killer technology sector in Kamloops really took hold.

Update on Day Spent on the Phone

Today was a challenging, clarifying and happy day for me and my little business, Full World Internet Coaching. I had about 75 phone calls to clients to ask them if they would like to renew their service.

Now, a call of this type is certainly not an obvious strength of mine. I used to be a lot worse at it though.

I started at around 11am this morning. I muddled and fuddled a bit (or maybe a lot), but I think I did okay. I rushed a few calls in my nervousness. And by around 5 or so, with a few breaks, I was feeling quite done.

I, at least, am beginning to know for sure who has found my services valuable and who has not. And that offers me a better picture of the type of prospective clients I should be focussing on marketing to. I am starting to see the process I undertook today less as a 'referendum on me' and more as an integral part of making my marketing more successful.

At the end of the day, 16 clients renewed (late breaking update: # is now 17), and 9 didn't. Lots of messages left, and a few more people to contact.

The quest for continual improvement continues.

Today, on the Phone

Follow up. Follow up. Follow up.

I have certainly made some incredible foul ups the last couple of years while making phone calls to prospects and, even, to clients. Today, I am on the phone again today. Have been sort of building up to this, making a few phone calls here and there on days previous.

Here are my thoughts on how to have a successful day: be positive, ask a lot of questions, talk about benefits without pressuring, and be okay with any answer that comes my way.

I will post tonight about how this all went.

How is your Communication with your Significant Other?

I am really excited that, so early into our marriage, Marsha and I are trying to find ways to communicate on some big and difficult issues. We joke that we are holding 'Summit Meetings'. The first one we tried was really difficult, but they are getting easier, and better. Here is list of topics we are discussing, in no particular order:

Money and Bills








As you can see, the topics range from the quite mundane to the super super significant. But I think its working. I obviously cannot share intimate discussions, but if anybody there wants to talk more about what we are doing, please don't hesitate to leave a comment or email me (email link below my photo on top right of page)