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Blog Day: Another Great Rotary Presentation: Chris Rose at the Kamloops North Rotary Club

One of the best things about a Rotary Club meeting is the incredible presentations that take place each week. It's part of the standard agenda to have an educational speaker as the highlight.

I am a "visiting Rotarian" today at the Kamloops North Rotary Club.

Today, Chris Rose is presenting on a short term overseas assignment he went on to Armenia, set up by the organization CESO. Chris is a very well known community person in Kamloops, first as a school principal working with special needs students, and now as a school trustee at School District 73.

Armenia seems to be a very entrepreneurial place which has had more than its fair share of hardship. Earthquakes, hostile neighbors are being noted in the presentation.

Interesting to me, Armenia was the first country to adopt Christianity in 300 AD.

Chris went to work with an program that works with children with things like epilepsy. But, they also classify what we would consider normal as "special needs".

Chris is trying to raise valuable funds to bring a young Armenian girl to Kamloops. The young girl only has one arm. A Armenian journalist who interviewed Chris when he was there wondered why the girl wasn't 'exterminated' because how would she ever be able to make love with one arm. Chris has been motivated to bring this girl to Kamloops so she can be fitted with a prothesis.

Amazing the overall spirit, hospitality that Chris experienced.


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