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Kamloops' First Ever Digital Carnival

I am feeling a little tired these days, but I don't mind because the reason is that I am part of an incredible group of people organizing the First ever Digital Carnival Dinner and Dance.


This event offers a great opportunity for people who are interested and/or work in technology to get together and have a big party. We are also raising funds for Digital Valley, the Kamloops Technology Industry. We are half way through selling out this event (max capacity 300). As well as the social aspect, there will be some amazing demos and giveaways of hot new technology.

Its great how much enthusiasm and energy the organization of this event is creating. It really bodes well for the future of tech companies working together in our area.

Digital Carnival will be held at the Colombo Lodge in Kamloops on Saturday, April 17th 2004. For more info or straight tickets, email. You won't regret it.


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