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Betty Hinton and her Paper Tiger

Just read this news item at I have noticed Betty a few times now say, in speeches and in publications, that she does not want to be partisan or that her style is soft when it comes to attacking her opponents. But, then, she invariably lets loose all guns ablazing.

I think Betty does have a nice style about her, but again, I don't like the bashing.

Facing the Fear of Business Prospecting

For more than 4 years, I have been actively engaged in the running of my own business. When I started, I realized a really good understanding of prospecting would be key in making my Internet training and coaching practice grow. Whats interesting is that I have only, in the past few months, felt the courage to go out and really prospect for my business.

And, so far, its not been all that scary. I went out on Friday evening to a few businesses near where I live. Turns out I already knew most of the owners, or the people I talked to knew me from my column in Kamloops This Week.

I don't regret its taken me quite a while to get to where I am doing the things I need to do. Everyone has a process and shortcuts are not the answer.

Do We Really Need Fighting in Hockey?

My thoughts on Todd Bertuzzi's attack on Steve Moore:

You know, this question has been brewing within me for a long time. Why do we need fighting in hockey? Todd Bertuzzi got himself into a insane blind rage yesterday because Steve Moore would not go toe to toe with him, and know we have to hope and pray for Moore and, yes, hope and pray for Bertuzzi. More for Moore. And Bertuzzi must feel like a sack of shit right now.


Hockey can be a mesmerizingly exciting and beautiful sport to watch. Dipsy doodling, crisp passes, amazing displays of skating speed and agility. Clean checks are one thing. But, what does it say about our values when in our national game, we actually allow two grown men to pummel each other. And, what happens when it gets out of hand?

We get one guy with a broken neck and an uncertain future. And we have a whole lot of people with broken spirits.

Its neither honourable or worthy of respect that we need "enforcers" in NHL line ups. Get rid of fighting. Make it a offence worthy of a suspension for a whole season.

Fighting in hockey appeals to the worst in all of us.

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