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You need to stand up and be counted

Just finished reading a post on Doc Searl's blog today about how active Christian broadcasters are in growing their reach in the United States. Doc writes:

I think Christian broadcsters have every right to do their thing. With this post I'm pointing out that their prevalence, espeically on FM, is way out of proportion to their actual appeal, and that they're continuing to pack the dials with signals while secular noncommercial broadcsters with far more listener appeal continue to lose ground in a range war that isn't because only one side shows up.

With national elections this year in both Canada and the United States, Doc's point is one worth noting. Unless you make your voice heard in participate in the messy conversations of a democracy, you have much less chance of having your views represented.

A lot of this world doesn't even have the right to have their voices heard. We should value what we have in democratic countries and participate in the process. Otherwise, someone somewhere might think we don't want it.


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