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Jim Harrison, Radio NL, predicts our next MP

Gotta love Jim Harrison, really longstanding news director at Radio NL. Jim has always been really good to me, whenever I needed to see him about this or that. Jim also writes a weekly column, as I do, in Kamloops This Week. Jim's last column speculates on the prospects for some of the local candidates in the upcoming federal election. Here are some snippets from the column, with gratuitous commentary from me on each.

On NDP candidate Brian Carroll:
"He's a nice guy who believes in the socialist mantra, but he doesn't have the political polish or the oratory skills to pull it off."
Arjun: what exactly is political polish - is it really a good thing? Could Brian have any more unfriendly a photo of him on his campaign web site?

On Liberal John O'Fee:
"The John O'Fee factor is intriguing. Not exactly a politician who's made an indelible mark on the Kamloops landscape, but one who seems to offend few enough people to continuously do well at the local level. "
Arjun: I think John's experience and local profile could be a real asset. If I could just get him to follow through on his commitments to call my Dad, and update his web site (John, you won the nomination a month ago), all would be well.

On Conservative and sitting MP, Betty Hinton:
"She's learned it, is seen in the right places and most often says the right things. But along with learning the ropes, she's worked hard on behalf of her constituents....Hinton will probably earn herself a second term."
Arjun: Betty is a wonderful person. I have seen her give some pretty bad speeches over the past little while, but that can be improved. I think Betty and John are going to go neck in neck in the election.

I wonder why Jim didn't rate the Green party candidate, Grant Fraser. I think the Greens might have a good chance at some seats this year.


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