Saying Goodbye to Frasier...
Al Knight, Kamloops area Chief Returning Officer, speaks.

A Great Work Life Balance Blog


In my work, I call myself an Internet Coach. I really like the coaching model because, to me, it means helping people help themselves. A lot of people have techie people come in to do work for them. That does often work, but it can be expensive and disempowering.

One fine day, a few months ago, I was looking for blogs by life or business coaches. I plugged in the word blog and the word coach into Google and I found (drum roll please_....

Curt Rosengren and his Occupational Adventure Blog.

Curt provides not only his own thoughts on some very important issues but also generously and copiously links to more great information all over the Internet. Some of his latest posts:

- Leadership: Creating Passion and Process
- Doing What You Do Best
- Ten Obstacles to Changing Careers


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