Small Cities Forum in Kamloops
To Mothers Worldwide!

On Wednesday, Peter Katz, one of the leading figures in the urban planning movement called New Urbanism, came to Kamloops to talk about what New Urbanism could mean to our community and for other small communities across the world. I like the concept behind new urbanism. The idea of the holistic neighborhood where people live, work, go to the park, go to the grocery store in surroundings that really consider the human need to be among beautiful things - that truly is wonderful. The goal to get people really involved in the planning of their community is also very laudable.

New urbanism also offers very good structured principles and guidelines regarding designing communities. All over Kamloops, we see these truly hideous structures being built and one has to think the only consideration has been dollars and cents. New Urbanism may just offer workable alternatives.

As mentioned below, Peter's talk was arranged by the very worthwhile Cultural Future of Small Cities project in Kamloops.

I have detailed notes from Peter's talk if anybody is interested.


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