Mayor Mel on conflicting opinions expressed without hostility

Small Cities Forum in Kamloops

The cultural future of small cities project sounds really interesting.

For the last year, the Small Cities program has been exploring the cultural challenges and possibilities facing small cities in a world increasingly dominated by large urban centers, suburban sprawl, and economic globalization. Kamloops, a city of 80,000 in the southern interior of British Columbia, is the focal point for a program of interdisciplinary research, training and knowledge sharing.

My only preliminary thought about this project is that I hope that the culture of small cities is celebrated, and not lamented.

For those interested, the initiative is holding three free public sessions, Wednesday Thursday Friday this week. The first one is called " the intelligent community" and will be held May 5 from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Sportsmart Place.


Vicki Smith (CalGal)

I'll be interested in hearing more about this Arjun. I hope you keep us posted.

Arjun Singh

Vicki, first of all, congratulations on another wonderful Carnival of Canadians hosted on your blog!!!

I will post my impressions of last night's "small cities" event later today.

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