Holy SH&*!

Sudan Genocide: UN finds No Significant Progress...

Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, said today:

"..the government of Sudan has not been able to resolve the crisis in Darfur and has not met some of the core commitments it has made.''

"Attacks against civilians are continuing and the vast majority of armed militias has not been disarmed,''


""I believe that a substantially increased international presence in Darfur is required as quickly as possible.''

A UN deadline has now come and gone and the current Sudanese Government is still commiting genocide against it's own people. Read General Romeo Dallaire's comments here...

And for some really chilling stuff, read the UN situation report from their mission on the ground (.doc file)

The Canadian government has pledged to send equipment to Darfur and financial assistance for humanitarian efforts.

But, I fear this will not be enough. My feeling is that Canada should lead a "Coalition of the Willing" that can create a ring, armed to the teeth, around Darfur.

Thanks to the Passion of the Present Blog for keeping the momentum going for people deeply concerned about what is happening - I know its meant the world to me to be able to visit and learn more.



Arjun, I have just tried leaving the below comment at BlogsCanada but an error message makes it look like it hasn't transmitted. So I am posting a copy here, with thanks:

Kudos to BlogsCanada for posting on the Sudan again! Great. Thanks Arjun. I was hoping someone at BlogsCanada got my email last week - though not sure, when I used the contact email address here, who exactly it reached.

I'll post links to your post here and at BlogsCanada (does it check Technorati to see who is linking to it?) from my blog on Sep 6 International Sudanese Peace MeetUp day to effect a "virtual" meetup between my blog in England, yours in BC and the BlogsCanada community. I'm planning to also link to blogs (that are posting on the Sudan) in the UK, USA, Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Portugal and others if I can manage.

Note at Jim Moore's Journal (link in sidebar at Passion of the Present) is a recent post on oil companies being sued for genocide in Sudan. As Talisman is Canadian, you might be interested in sharing the astounding news with your readers in Canada.

'See' you via Technorati on Sept 6! And the next MeetUp in Oct...and Nove....and Dec....looks like the refugees might not be able to get back home until Spring -- and as they are totally reliant on foreign aid -- we have to keep the pressure on to make sure they are protected. Thanks for everything you are doing here. CanadaBlogs can do a lot to get word out that will reach those with influence in the media and politics. From little acorns grow trees.

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