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Interprovincial Blogger Meetup...the Calgal comes to Kamloops.

As mentioned previously in this space, I am a big fan of Vicki Smith who blogs out of Red Deer. Vicki emailed me earlier this week saying that she would be passing through Kamloops with her husband on her way to Hornby Island. I lept at the chance to meet the two of them. They were thinking of staying the night in Kamloops but instead found themselves last night, for various understandable reasons, in a hotel in Revelstoke about 2 hours east of her. At 3am or so, the fire alarm went off in the hotel and Vicki and Ron told me that they learnt some strategic lessons about placing clothes so that they are easily found in dark unfamiliar hotel rooms. They also mentioned a flashlight is a must have travel companion.

In any case, they reached Kamloops and we had a wonderful breakfast. I was a little miffed that Ron beat me to the bill but that just means that they have got to let me treat them on their way back through. We talked tech, a little politics, and I had a really great time meeting such great people. What's still weird to me is that Vicki and I know each other, but we had never met in person. When I showed up at breakfast, I was kinda wondering if I should say "great to meet you" or ""great idea about Catholics and Kerry". I chose the first but how much longer will it take for us to seemlessly step from online friendship to offline friendship. For there to be no real seperation.

Vicki and Ron are heading to Hornby to meet someone who Vicki has been corresponding with and considers a friend for 10 years. Interestingly, they have never met in person either. I am sure it will work out perfectly. It is interesting to wonder, in the age of the Internet, about any strangeness about meeting someone for the first time who you already know so well. Vicki, was there any of that?


Vicki Smith

I finally saw this Arjun.

There was no strangeness at all--either in meeting you, or my friends on Hornby. Of course, I met Ron on line too, and married him just two weeks after our first "meatworld" get together.

I think it is safe to say that some of the people I am closest to I either met online, or stay close to through the net.

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