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Kent Wong , photographer extraordinare, sales trainer extraordinaire.

I wish my friend Kent Wong had a web site only because then I could link his name to it in this post. Kent gave a fabulous, tip rich talk on sales and marketing today. I was there scribbling furiously into my steno pad. Kent owns Kent Wong photography in Kamloops - a very successful photo studio. What has impresses me about Kent is that he works very hard at becoming very good at everything he does AND that he is very confident to ask people a healthy fee for his excellent work. To put it succinctly, Kent does not sell himself short, I like that.

I try and take away at least one good thing from every seminar I attend. And I took away a couple of things from Kent's. One nugget involved remembering to do the important small but classy touches - congratulation and thank you cards where appropriate - remembering milestones in peoples' lives and thanking people for having touched your life in some way.

The other nugget was to figure out your target audiences and to be where they are. Marketing in the right places. attending relevant community eventss. etc.

I also liked that most of the people in the room with me today were technically competitors but they, through their strong professional association, were working together to share valuable information.

Great stuff! And if you want to hire Kent as a photographer or as a sales trainer, you can email him or call 250-372-8651. He is one of the very best and he will travel.


Jason Johnson

Hello Arjun,

Why don't you use your web design/sales experience to build a site for Mr. Wong? This way you'll be able to pay for those CP Air cups.

Jason Wassing

Hell, you could pay for many CP Air cups, or VIA Rail memorabelia.

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