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Wrap Zone opens in Kamloops...

On Fridays, I sometimes find myself looking for a fast food fix. I will go into Wendy's or A&W but most often I soon regret that decision. Burgers sap my sense of well being pretty quickly. Subway's in Kamloops smell sort of funny.

Now when I say I am looking for a "fast food" fix, thats a little overstated. I am really looking for a "quick and easy" meal. Thank heavens. someone has opened a Wrap Zone in Columbia Place. I remember the Wrap Zone on Davie Street in Vancouver - quick, tasty, and relatively healthy food.


So, I walked in my new local Wrap Zone., actually been there twice now. They haven't disappointed. First time, had a scrumptious veggie wrap and, the second, an overflowing chicken pesto wrap (chicken had been sauteed in a really great tasting sauce that seemed Oriental).

Sp check out the Wrap Zone in Columbia Place, near Taka and the Liquor store. Beats a Double Mozza or a Teen burger any day

Celebrating humanity everywhere...

My friend Kiruba Shankar in India encounters a ragpicker (instead though he crosses out the word "ragpicker" in his post title and inserts the word "human")

Post, stolen in admiration, from Kiruba:


I was waiting for my wife near her office when he came by and started picking stuff from a garbage bin nearby. Something about this person caught my fancy. Don't know what. I walked upto him and opened the conversation with a few questions about him. He sported this really warm smile and answered my questions patiently. He makes about Rs.15 a day by selling plastic rummaged from the bins. He told me its a tough life but he would rather starve than beg. Wow!

I wanted to take his snap but felt a little awkward. I didn't know if he might like it. So I played it safe and asked him if I could. He not only agreed immediately but also posed for the snap. The way he placed his hands on the bin reminded me of a CEO leaning on his Merc. It may be just ragpicking but its his job and he treated it with pride. I liked that attitude.

She's from Red Deer and She Rocks!!

One of the best things about blogging is the friendships you make with incredibly interesting people. Well, Vicki Smith is not only interesting, she is concerned about the world around her. She moved to Canada, Red Deer exactly, for love.

I met Vicki through our common involvement in the Blogs Canada Egroup. She is a great person whose wonderful writing makes me laugh and think. Very good combination.

She is back from a blogging hiatus. Welcome back Vicki. The Internet missed you! Read her blog here...