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She's from Red Deer and She Rocks!!

One of the best things about blogging is the friendships you make with incredibly interesting people. Well, Vicki Smith is not only interesting, she is concerned about the world around her. She moved to Canada, Red Deer exactly, for love.

I met Vicki through our common involvement in the Blogs Canada Egroup. She is a great person whose wonderful writing makes me laugh and think. Very good combination.

She is back from a blogging hiatus. Welcome back Vicki. The Internet missed you! Read her blog here...


Vicki Smith

Oh Arjun, you made me smile sooo big.

It looks like our kinda hockey is going to be the only game in town this winter, unless I develop the uniquely Candadian ability to appreciate curling.

Don't expect anything particularly thoughtful from my weblog just now, I am still warming up.

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