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We interrupt this blog makeover with an actual post...

Hello world! I know I am not the very best expert on blog colour schemes and font sizes. This little place on the Internet is a place that I feel comfortable with frequent and perhaps even outlandish experimentation. In my most humble opinion. I am not at outlandish yet, but watch out.

In other news, I was a little unhappy that I could not see General Romeo Dallaire speak last night. (I was happy, though, to be running my course that evening). He was in Kamloops as part of the UCC homecoming week. General Dallaire is a man whose insights on his experiences during the Rwandan genocide I would have loved to hear. especially with regard to the current genocide occurring in Sudan.

All this renaming business at our up and coming University reminded me of the first time I heard the acronym UCC being used to refer to the University College of the Cariboo. In my boarding school and McGill University days, UCC to me was Upper Canada College in Toronto, one of Canada's most elite high schools according to recent media reports. And it was a bit confusing for me when I got back to Kamloops.

So, I think the administration at our UCC was even more justified in pressuring the provinicial government for a name change.


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