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Working to grow...

I have spent most of the week trying to do a brain shift. I am going from thinking of my business as a modest effort to almost believing that I can help people learn how to better use the Internet on a very large scale. I don't want to be a tycoon necessarily, I just want to be extraordinarily competent at what I do. And see what comes of that effort...

Doug Kaye of IT Conversations is my new hero. IT Conversations, Doug's extraordinary contribution to a more equitable distribution of knowledge, continiues to offer some of the best recordings of conversations and talks with innovative thinkers - nor just in technology, but in many different fields and disciplines.

I live in small town North America. I sometimes used to wish (rarely, but sometimes) I lived in Silicon Valley or in New York City or in some global centre where I could ,more easily attend the best seminars and conferences. Doug has made it a lot easier to access the "best" stuff, or at least a wider range of stuff that show up in Kamloops.

IT Conversations latest recording is of a talk by Alex Steffen at a conference called Popdex. It's an incredible listen - all about the precarious situation in which humanity has put the planet earth and some amazingly hopeful initatives, largely out of the "developing world. " which aim to help us fix this huge problem.

Lastly. this evening, I just want to do a cyber shout out to our local chapter of Amnesty International. I had a chance to attend one of their meetings to talk about the genocide in Sudan.That got me on their email list. And they do amazing work.


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