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On Fridays, I sometimes find myself looking for a fast food fix. I will go into Wendy's or A&W but most often I soon regret that decision. Burgers sap my sense of well being pretty quickly. Subway's in Kamloops smell sort of funny.

Now when I say I am looking for a "fast food" fix, thats a little overstated. I am really looking for a "quick and easy" meal. Thank heavens. someone has opened a Wrap Zone in Columbia Place. I remember the Wrap Zone on Davie Street in Vancouver - quick, tasty, and relatively healthy food.


So, I walked in my new local Wrap Zone., actually been there twice now. They haven't disappointed. First time, had a scrumptious veggie wrap and, the second, an overflowing chicken pesto wrap (chicken had been sauteed in a really great tasting sauce that seemed Oriental).

Sp check out the Wrap Zone in Columbia Place, near Taka and the Liquor store. Beats a Double Mozza or a Teen burger any day


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