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Not being too pushy and being very thankful...

I have been busy putting out many corporate Internet coaching packages to organizations and businesses around Kamloops. I had a list of 79. A few have said not for now. And a few are now actively considering how I may be able to help them.

I am anxious to get away from the notion of "a few". I think its better if I send out as many packages as possible, follow up, and see what comes of the effort. I want to go far and wide.

Yesterday, I was speaking to a very accomplished Kamloops lawyer, Rex Renkema, and he agreed to have a look at my package. I felt I got a little pushy in asking to meet as well. He rightly said that, if there was something of interest with my service, then we should meet or talk further. Very efficient use of time and also I learned that less pushy fits better for people, and in fact it fits me better as well.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Rick Arnish, President of the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, today to present to him some of the possible benefits of increased productivity and happiness through more efficient use of technology. Rick is an extremely accomplished business leader and I am extremely thankful that he made time for me today. There is a potential to do work together. I almost wanted to ask Rick if he would join my mentorship group. I thought it a little premature. But, Rick, you are truly someone I want to learn from. Kamloops Business of the Year and the top CEO Award in the Jim Pattison Group. Wow and thanks!

What my goals have done for me

We are nearly into the final month of the year and I am feeling very upbeat, if a little deficient in my time management skills.

At the beginning of the year, I set some pretty big goals for myself in my business. First time I have ever done this and its worked wonders for me. I have been fortunate enough to do some paid training and courses. I have syndicated my newspaper column into 5 new papers. And, now, I am chasing down achieving my most ambitious goal.

I help about 120 individuals, businesses, and organizations save time, reduce frustration, and keep up to date with the latest useful technologies through an Internet support and training service I invented called Unlimited Internet Coaching. I am passionate about the power of the Internet and want to help people find the best ways they can utilize this power.

My goal was to help 400 clients by the end of 2004. And I realized a while ago that time was running out. A very good friend of mine, Corey Sigvaldason, who is helping me with business strategies, suggested that I look to work with larger groups.

This was a very scary thought to me. I was comfortable with selling my coaching service one by one. But, the goal of 400 figured large in my mind.

So, its with great happiness and thanks, that I announce to the world that this past week I have signed up my largest client to date - Kamloops Immigrant Services (10 staff members).  I am really looking forward to working with the staff there. Actually, thats an understatement.

I have also got interest from law firms, manufacturers, and schools. I still struggle with a lot of things in my business. But I am proud of how far I have come and look forward to working with a greater diversity of people. And the goal setting was critical in my progress.

Just submitted a proposal to lead a discussion at Northern Voice...

There are many people in Vancouver who blog who I admire. And I hope to meet them all at the Northern Voice blogging conference in February 19th 2005. I also hope to meet bloggers and aspiring bloggers from all over our beautiful province and from all over the world.

I am going, barring any unforseen craziness. It's a chance to be part of BC history and, thus, I also humbly submitted a proposal to lead a discussion. (Can you hear the trumpet?)

Darfur Sudan Update...

Things are really no better than they were a few months ago when I was busy posting on the Darfur Genocide. This from Passion of the Present:

"The Sudanese government signed an agreement for peace on Tuesday, with great fanfair that stimulated hopeful reports in the world press. As has been the pattern, within days the government made clear that it did not intend to abide by it.

The first key element of the agreement was that humanitarian aid workers be allowed unfettered access in Darfur. Yet humanitarian access remains so limited that on Thursday it was announced that the UN is pulling out humanitarian staff in protest."

The Tragedy of Fallujah...

As I sit here on a wonderful Saturday morning in a incredibly comfortable city nestled in a river vallley, very awful things are happening in Fallujah in Iraq. Is it necessary?

As US soldiers and Iraqi guerillas fight it out and reduce the city to charred heaps of rubble, this from the Associated Press,

"Relief agencies say Iraqi civilians trapped in Fallujah face disaster unless they get food, water and medicine quickly. The city is also without power.The head of the Iraqi Red Crescent Society says the Iraqi government rejected her group's request to deliver needed supplies to civilians. The official tells The Associated Press her organization could go no closer to the city than its outskirts."

Many of the residents of Fallujah likely knew for some time that this fight was coming. But, how easy is it to abandon your home? When the fight began, US troops only allowed the elderly, women, and children out. If you were a man and legitmately wanted to get out, shit out of luck. I don't blame the Americans - how do they know they are not just letting guerillas flee and regroup.

War is so very screwed up.

Meeting with Peter Murtie...

I like the energy and vision of the manager of the North Shore BIA - Peter Murtrie. Met with Peter a few days back along with Lynda Douglas and her partner Adrian (whose last name I don't know, sorry) from Panda Computer Training. We are putting on a "tech fair" business mixer at Panda in January.

Peter thinks big. He's working on million dollar projects for the North Shore of Kamloops. He has got an artist to professionally design new looks for slighlty dilapidated areas of Tranquille Rd. The present picture of a building is on a display board along with the artist's rendtion of what it could be. I think actually seeing a vision is totally helpful.

Now, if we could just get Peter more tech savvy...

Didn't know parrots lived so long...

From boing boing

         Winston Churchill's 104-year-old parrot is still alive and cursing       

        The parrot Winston Churchill bought in 1937 is still alive, and her voice sounds like Churchill's.

Her favourite sayings were "F*** Hitler" and "F*** the Nazis". And even today, 39 years after the great man's death, she can still be coaxed into repeating them with that unmistakable Churchillian inflection.


via Growabrain

Making the Starbucks Guy Laugh...

  As I was waiting for a drink at Starbuck yesterday evening, the young cool fellow making my drink asked me "so whats on the agenda for the rest of the night".  I know he didn't mean to pry, he was simply trying to be friendly, but I felt slightly intruded upon. So I decided to say something quite unexpected, I guess. I paussed for a few seconds between each word for effect:

I replied, " hot     wild      sex"

Kid could hardly make the rest of the latte. Tears welled up in his eyes, as he tried to control the laughter. He almost forgot to put the pretty sprinkles on. I left feeling quite proud of myself.

Foundational beliefs...

I often wonder what makes a person right wing or left wing. What are the core foundational beliefs of each of these 'camps'? Can a right wing person really truly respect and understand the views of a left wing person or visa versa?

That very interesting (and for me, unexpected) US election result has got me thinking about this again. For me, being more on the centre left and I think its really important for me not to surround myself totally with people with similar viewpoints. This makes me a bit vulnerable, but I think its important to try understand very different points of view from mine.