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Kiruba distributes aid in Chennai

Kiruba Shankar is an incredible man who I met through reading his blog. Marsha and I had the incredible opportunity to meet him and his family when were in India last year.

Kiruba's area of India was hard hit by the Tsunami and he has stepped up to help coordinate distribution of aid from the blogging community. If you have a credit card and want to help the effort, go to and click the donate button on the right.

I am also asking everyone reading to consider visiting Kiruba's blog and leaving an appreciative and supportive comment.  He and many of his family and friends are going through a very anxious time and need to know that many people around the globe are thinking of them and wish them the very best in a very bad situation.

An Excellent Response to the Tsunami...

Millions of people are devastated as a result of the Indian Ocean earthquake sending that tsunami hurtling towards countries all over Asia.

How can we not only provide these people short term relief but also assist them to long term rebuild?

I have been greatly impressed with the folks over at Worldchanging. Their blog is not only doing an amazing job getting out solid information, it also hosts some important and very good analysis of where those affected could go from here.

I absolutely did not want this Tsunami to happen but, now that it has, how can we mount a truly excellent response (link to excellent piece on Worldchanging entitled  "Beyond Relief" by .Alex Steffen).

The Beauty and Brutality of Life...

We had an amazing Christmas. Spending time with family and friends sharing wonderful food and drink and aided by great music. My niece (3 years old) and my nephew (5 years old) were again highlights - spending time with them, although I am still not too sure all they like to do.

Such love and luck in my life.

And then the day after Christmas,  this earthquake in the Indian Ocean that created the massive Tsunamis that have killed over 20 000. I have spent some of today reading blogs, looking at pictures, and watching video clips to try and get a sense of what happened. 

Mother Nature being very fierce.

The thing I take comfort from in this instance is that all these deaths did, in a sense, occur naturally.  There was nothing anyone could have done to stop the earthquake from happening.  Earthquakes are part of the normal functioning of the planet. May all the souls lost Rest in Peace.

We have enough natural disaster. We shouldn't be causing disasters of our own.  With all the goodwill and community spirit of this time of year, I am going to be spending some time looking at ways I can start being better to the planet.

The Last Participant in the WW1 Christmas Truce

Mr. Alfred Anderson's eyes still well with tears when he remembers the horrific war he fought in 90 years ago.  He participated in a most extraordinary Christmas Day in 1914, the last man living on this earth to have been there:

Weary men climbed hesitantly at first out of trenches and stumbled into no man's land. They shook hands, sang carols, lit each other's cigarettes, swapped tunic buttons and addresses and, most famously, played football, kicking around empty bully-beef cans and using their caps or steel helmets as goalposts.

via metafilter

Very Excited to be Panelist at the Northern Voice Blogging Conference...

I am not sure if everyone will have a blog one day. I am, however, reasonably sure that everyone will read blogs one day.

Not everyone has the desire or interest to write regularly online. But, almost everyone will grasp the importance of reading grassroots accounts from people who care to open up a dialogue with their neighbors throughout the  world.

So, I consider it such an honour to have been accepted as a panelist at the Northern Voice blogging conference in Vancouver on February 19th. I am going to helping get discussions going in the Introduction to Blogging panel and the Types and Styles of Blogging panel.  Full speaker slate and schedule here.

It is going to be an added honour to talk about the vibrant group of Kamloops bloggers. We have some amazing blogs in our little valley. Let me just highlight today Mike Maddison's stuff. Mike is an amazing writer and has the added value to me of being a good friend holding some very different points of view to ones that I hold. 

The registration for Northern Voice is only $20. Wow!
You can register here...

My New Year always starts a little early...

Marsha and I both recently celebrated birthdays. I was born on Dec 7th and my lovely wife was born on Dec 13th.

The most amazing birthday experience I enjoyed this year, among many amazing experiences, was receiving the best voicemail I ever received. It makes me smile everytime I hear it - makes me feel so valued. A birthday voicemail from my sister's inlaws and my young nephew and niece. Here is is: Download bmessage_arnotts.mp3

The voice of my little neice makes my heart melt. Actually all the voices make my heart melt.

8 or 9 days left in my big marketing push...

Sometime last week, I started to hear many of my potential group training clients talk about 2005 - meaning many people are understandably unable to make a decision with all the year end wrap up and holiday ramp up going on.

I have no one to blame but myself that my goal of helping 400 clients by the end of 2004 will likely not be reached. Not that I am going to stop trying to make it happen. There are still a few possibilities. I would take a minor miracle though.

I have, however, put my Internet coaching company in a very good place for a great start to 2005. I have accomplished a lot of goals the past few months that I have been meaning to accomplish for years and that makes me feel good.

I am looking at least 2 corporate clients (10+ staff each) and likely 1 more from my efforts the past month or so - that is decidely my best month ever.

A lot short of my goal, but a damn sight better than I have ever done before.

Honoured by Amnesty International

A huge thank you to our local Amnesty International chapter who invited me to give a little speech yesterday - International Human Rights Day. I was asked to speak a little about what is still happening in Darfur Sudan. And it was a true honour.

Darfur is not getting better. The UN and the International Community continues to waffle. And more people continue to die. The stats are pretty horrific - at least 70 000 dead, 1.2 million displaced from their homes. As little as one well placed Naval Destroyer could force the stonewalling Sudanese government into true positive action.

A note about the Amnesty chapter in Kamloops. What amazing people. When I arrived yesterday at the Art Gallery, the venue for their event, they were busy letter writing to leaders all over the world expressing personal concerns about human rights. These letters apparently work. The 2 keys are volume and handwriting the letters. I wrote my first ever Amnesty letter yesterday as well - to the President of Sudan. Thanks to these wonderful people for their inspiration.

Holiday Season now in Full Swing and I am trying not to resist...


Its not that I have anything against the warmth and friendliness of the holiday season. In fact, I love that stuff.

Its just that I am still in full on small business mode and usually, by this time of the year, my tendency is to want to slow down. I now have a list of 27 organizations to whom I have sent corporate Internet training and coaching packages and who might be interested relatively soon. I am presenting an technology seminar on Wednesday morning to a group of Kamloops Lawyers. 6 legal people attending so far.

Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. This is my life for the next 16 days.

I have committed to keep on going basically flat out until the 22nd of December, possibly the 23rd. As I go flat out, I am trying to be very friendly to all I meet. I am telling corny jokes. And I am feeling completely thankful to be able to make my own unique way in the world.