Asking people to tell me a joke today....
Honoured by Amnesty International

Holiday Season now in Full Swing and I am trying not to resist...


Its not that I have anything against the warmth and friendliness of the holiday season. In fact, I love that stuff.

Its just that I am still in full on small business mode and usually, by this time of the year, my tendency is to want to slow down. I now have a list of 27 organizations to whom I have sent corporate Internet training and coaching packages and who might be interested relatively soon. I am presenting an technology seminar on Wednesday morning to a group of Kamloops Lawyers. 6 legal people attending so far.

Follow up. Follow up. Follow up. This is my life for the next 16 days.

I have committed to keep on going basically flat out until the 22nd of December, possibly the 23rd. As I go flat out, I am trying to be very friendly to all I meet. I am telling corny jokes. And I am feeling completely thankful to be able to make my own unique way in the world.


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