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Honoured by Amnesty International

A huge thank you to our local Amnesty International chapter who invited me to give a little speech yesterday - International Human Rights Day. I was asked to speak a little about what is still happening in Darfur Sudan. And it was a true honour.

Darfur is not getting better. The UN and the International Community continues to waffle. And more people continue to die. The stats are pretty horrific - at least 70 000 dead, 1.2 million displaced from their homes. As little as one well placed Naval Destroyer could force the stonewalling Sudanese government into true positive action.

A note about the Amnesty chapter in Kamloops. What amazing people. When I arrived yesterday at the Art Gallery, the venue for their event, they were busy letter writing to leaders all over the world expressing personal concerns about human rights. These letters apparently work. The 2 keys are volume and handwriting the letters. I wrote my first ever Amnesty letter yesterday as well - to the President of Sudan. Thanks to these wonderful people for their inspiration.


Jason Johnson

Dafur will be this decade's Rwanda. Tragic is one hell of an understatement.

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