8 or 9 days left in my big marketing push...
Very Excited to be Panelist at the Northern Voice Blogging Conference...

My New Year always starts a little early...

Marsha and I both recently celebrated birthdays. I was born on Dec 7th and my lovely wife was born on Dec 13th.

The most amazing birthday experience I enjoyed this year, among many amazing experiences, was receiving the best voicemail I ever received. It makes me smile everytime I hear it - makes me feel so valued. A birthday voicemail from my sister's inlaws and my young nephew and niece. Here is is: Download bmessage_arnotts.mp3

The voice of my little neice makes my heart melt. Actually all the voices make my heart melt.



Happy Birthday Arjun!

Jason Johnson

Happy Birthday Arjun. The greeting was touching!


Best wishes for both you and your lovely wife.

Arjun Singh

Thanks folks!

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