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December 27, 2004



A fair number of Canadians were out that way as well, so this hits close to home for many. Somehow it's easier to feel affected by something if it hits your own community-- sort of sad, in a way. We're all humans.

However, many participants in the JET programme (teaching English in Japan) spend their x-mas in that area, because it's too expensive to fly home. A fair number do humanitarian work there. I hope lady luck is with them.

It's hard to rationalize something so catastrophic and terrible. Still, it ought to make us realize that we are extremely lucky to have the things we have; Canada is located in one of the most stable areas on the globe. Natural disasters are something we rarely see.


Arjun Singh

Thanks Audrey for your thoughts. Really appreciate it. As natural as I think this is, I am reeling in shock as the death toll of this Tsunami rises and rises. Its now reported to be 80 000. And I would think its likely to double.

Going to give a little donation to the local Red Cross in the next few days.


One for all and all for one, Muskehounds are always ready.

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