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Very Excited to be Panelist at the Northern Voice Blogging Conference...

I am not sure if everyone will have a blog one day. I am, however, reasonably sure that everyone will read blogs one day.

Not everyone has the desire or interest to write regularly online. But, almost everyone will grasp the importance of reading grassroots accounts from people who care to open up a dialogue with their neighbors throughout the  world.

So, I consider it such an honour to have been accepted as a panelist at the Northern Voice blogging conference in Vancouver on February 19th. I am going to helping get discussions going in the Introduction to Blogging panel and the Types and Styles of Blogging panel.  Full speaker slate and schedule here.

It is going to be an added honour to talk about the vibrant group of Kamloops bloggers. We have some amazing blogs in our little valley. Let me just highlight today Mike Maddison's stuff. Mike is an amazing writer and has the added value to me of being a good friend holding some very different points of view to ones that I hold. 

The registration for Northern Voice is only $20. Wow!
You can register here...


Mickael Maddison

Hi Arjun, It's great to see you as a panelist for this great event. In the new year I'll have to see if I can commit to attending. Thanks for the kind words as well. All the best on this Holiday season!

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