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The Little Liquor Store that Could

What a whirlwind week for the people of Westsyde, local MLA Kevin Krueger, and for reporters trying to keep up with the latest developments in the possible closing of the Westsyde government liquour store!

On Thursday, BC Solicitor General Rich Coleman unexpectedly closed the store, after Kevin Krueger had said that there would be another round of consultation before any decision. People were indeed miffed and, in what seems like the first time ever, Kevin expressed great displeasure at one of his own BC Liberal colleagues.

Then, I opened the Saturday morning paper, and learned that Coleman's decision had been reversed and the store would be reopened. Another government liquor store in downtown Kamloops, slated to be closed, will also remain open.

3500 had signed a petition to keep the liquor store open. I guess those kind of numbers talk. Thats more than 15% votes in the riding, by my rough count.

Power to the People! 

Radio Wars in Kamloops

As I trundle off to host my weekly intrustion on the airwaves, I wanted to record my fascination with the battle for the new radio licence in Kamloops. The big controversy for many community radio types is the desire for one of the Applicants, Evanov Broadcasting to take our station's (CFBX) frequency. We need a power upgrade to be able to lock down the 92.5 FM spot on the dial  - and that hasn't happened yet.

I sent an email to the CRTC supporting CFBX staying at 92.5. Many others did to. That prompted an email from Bill Evanov, President of Evanov Broadcasting, that I think he might wish he did not send. First of all. he exposed all the recipients in the "to" field of the email. Then he mispelled the name of the University where CFBX is headquartered. And he addressed the emails to students, rather than other people like myself who intervened. Here is a partial text:

 Our company is applying to the Canadian broadcasting regulator for a broadcasting license to serve Kamloops with a new and exciting radio format ( The Jewel) never before heard in the area. It will provide a broad range of musical styles drawn from both current and past musical eras.


Numerous students at University College of the Caribou have sent emails to us and to the CRTC objecting to our application. They seem to believe that UCC will lose its radio station if our application is successful. This is simply not true. CFBX-FM will continue to broadcast from this current channel or any other channel assigned to it.


When I Die, I Want to Save Five Lives

Organ Donation. When I die, I want the chance to be able to help other people in need. My organs are no use to me after I am gone. Today, at our Rotary meeting, Dr Warren Cunningham gave us a talk about the value of organ donation. Not too get too graphic, but my organs can help save up to 5 other people's lives. Too cool.

Warren also made the point that having an organ donation sticker on your drivers license is not enough. The best way to make sure that your wishes are known and respected is to register with a registered transplant society. In BC, that would be the BC Transplant Society.  I hope everyone will consider registering.

A Plea for the Children of Iraq...

Doc Searls on a tragic picture of a little girl whose parents were killed at a army checkpoint on Iraq. He writes:

I can barely write. Or think.
  My whole mind, right now, is filled with the picture, on page A5 of today's Los Angeles Times, that bears this caption:
  Nighttime Anguish
An Iraqi girl screams after her parents were killed by U.S. tr4ops during a dusk patrol in the northern city of Tall Afar. Witnesses said the soldiers, from the 1st Battalion, 25th Infantry Division (Stryker Brigade), fired on the family's car after i failed to heed warnings to stop and come toward the troops. One of the five children riding in the back seat was injured. The military said it was investigating.

What an awful situation Iraq is in. Read Doc's whole post. I want to thank him for writing it.

Inside the Mind of Mel Rothenburger

I always try to read the Kamloops Daily News on Mondays because that is the day when Mayor Mel Rothenburger's "City Hallways" column is published. I very much appreciate the insights that Mel offers into his thinking and into the working of our City leadership. In his January 10th column, Mel wrote about a subject that a lot of politicians are very afraid to tackle. He wrote about his percieved shortcomings. That must have been a little difficult. Mel talks about what he considers his strengths too. I want to excerpt a few snippets from the column. If you are in Kamloops, you can probably find the Jan 10th issue of the Daily News at the library or at the newspaper office. In any event, I enthusiastically recommend giving Mel a read on Mondays. Mel writes:

"I am, perhaps, somewhat distant, but I'm not unsympathetic"

"I also have trouble remembering names"

"I'm a very shy, modest person and alway have been....early in life, I struggled with that shyness; later, I came to understand it and not let it get in the way."

"I'm pretty good at coming up with ideas, and at using the office of the mayor to get people together."

"When my time in politics eventually comes to a close,  I hope to be able to say I did my best, I did it honourably, and I did some good work"

I think Mel's candour is refreshing.

Can I get to the O Reilly Emerging Technology Conference?

One of my New Year's resolutions is to attend the O Reilly Emerging Technology conference in San Diego from March 14th to 17th. I made this resolution not only because the Emerging Tech conference is an absolutely amazing event, but also because at the moment I have no means to get there. I want to  challenge myself to try and figure out the best way to come up with the dollars and to prepare myself well. I am thinking of selling a post conference report. I might even presell myself as a representative for a group of companies and people who would be very interested in the conference content but can't make it. Make it affordable for everyone in the group. Still thinking...

The Best Phone Lady I know

Cherie Rensing has come to my rescue once again. Cherie runs a couple of PCS Wireless Telus Mobility stores in Kamloops and is in the process of opening up more stores in other parts of the Interior of BC. She has always been a great friend in the confusing world of cell phones with all the different plans and options.

I left my charger for my cell phone in Vancouver, on a trip out of town. My cell phone is ancient but Cherie, no questions asked, found and loaned me a charger.

And I am not even a Telus subscriber. Want to be because want to go with Cherie. But, want to keep my present phone number. Hope number portability comes soon!