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Inside the Mind of Mel Rothenburger

I always try to read the Kamloops Daily News on Mondays because that is the day when Mayor Mel Rothenburger's "City Hallways" column is published. I very much appreciate the insights that Mel offers into his thinking and into the working of our City leadership. In his January 10th column, Mel wrote about a subject that a lot of politicians are very afraid to tackle. He wrote about his percieved shortcomings. That must have been a little difficult. Mel talks about what he considers his strengths too. I want to excerpt a few snippets from the column. If you are in Kamloops, you can probably find the Jan 10th issue of the Daily News at the library or at the newspaper office. In any event, I enthusiastically recommend giving Mel a read on Mondays. Mel writes:

"I am, perhaps, somewhat distant, but I'm not unsympathetic"

"I also have trouble remembering names"

"I'm a very shy, modest person and alway have been....early in life, I struggled with that shyness; later, I came to understand it and not let it get in the way."

"I'm pretty good at coming up with ideas, and at using the office of the mayor to get people together."

"When my time in politics eventually comes to a close,  I hope to be able to say I did my best, I did it honourably, and I did some good work"

I think Mel's candour is refreshing.



Mayor Mel is not a great mayor he has not took his hand out of my pocket since he was put it to office Where is all the money for his tax grabs supoosed to come from wages have not gone up on the contray a lot of people in the area saw them go down. the shortfall for the tournament capital project is a total sham the city should have known things were going to cost more.Average joe citizen knows when fuel goes up so do the materials. this guy is nothing but tax tax tax hes has done a pathetic job!!!!!!!!!!1

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