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Blog Beginners at Northern Voice...

What a conference NorthernVoice turned out to be. A great mix of people with lots of diverse interests. I was not disappointed. Arriving early Saturday morning. I was reminded of the great responsibilities the organizers had taken on. I mean, they couldn't really let loose and truly enjoy the conference because they had to worry about so many things. I would catch Darren Barefoot peeking in and out of sessions I was attending, likely walking round all the sessions to check if all was well.  I want to again thank the organizing committee for all their hard and good work. The conference was stellar.

Quite a few interesting questions came up in the Intro to Blogging session, which I helped facilitate. One that comes to mind was whether blogs are more susceptible to getting or sending  viruses. This question took me by surprise, although it was a good question. Because blogs are a lot about linking, can someone linking to you or you linking to someone cause virus transmissions. I think participants might have been relating blog linking to sending and recieving email. All of us trying to answer questions came to a similar answer on this one. Your blog is no more sucseptible to virus infection than a normal web site.

Another question revolved around how to find interesting blogs. There was some discussion about blog recommendation sites. Mentioned most was Bloglines service but I think Bloglines is a little too difficult to use a a recommendation site. I suggested just typing in a search term into Google and then adding the word 'blog' at the end. I then would search the blogs that I found for links to other blogs. This practice has not failed me yet.

Anyhow, its getting late. Better sleep. More on NorthernVoice likely tomorrow.


Mike K

Wow. Sounds like Nat and I missed a good time. We had actually registered for the conference, but two days before Nat came down with the headcold from hell and we didn't make it.

Any idea whether they plan on running the conference annually?

Arjun Singh

Hope Nat is feeling better Mike! As far as I know, they plan to run Northern Voice annually.

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