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More Photos from North Shore BIA Mixer

North Shore BIA Mixer

I am live blogging from the North Shore Business Improvement Mixer and Tech Trade Fair.

I have met some great people including Denis Abramsen from the Interior Film & Training School, Roger Parkes from Kamloops Toner Cartridge and Recycling, and Kevin Wolfe from Wolfe Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery. And, of course, Wenda Noonan from the Downtown Echo and the North Shore funny pages.

It is great to get out and meet new people and old friends alike. The room we are using at Panda Computer Training never really fills up but this is actually a good thing. We all get quality time with each other.


This last bit is courtesy of Wenda Noonan who took over my keyboard: And of course here are the cheesy duo - John Woolner of Penny Pinchers and Peter Mutrie of the North Shore Business improvement Association. Say gouda, boys!



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