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A Visit to Kamloops City Council

This blog quoted in both Kamloops papers - on the same day!

Wednesday evening made for some interesting reading. Much to my amazement, this blog got quoted and a tiny bit misconstrued in both local papers.

The Reverend Peter van der Leelie, writing an editorial in the Kamloops Daily News, quoted this post I wrote about Mel Rothenburger back in January. I remember reading about the Reverend becoming a Reverend in the Daily News some time ago - quite an interesting article. I think I am going to go and meet the Reverend in person. He is probably an interesting guy.

And my friend Dale Bass, in her Kamloops This Week column, referred to this post I wrote about the Venture Kamloops sponsored "Branding Kamloops" workshop.

I did feel my posts were a little misconstrued. This could be my fault, for sure, as my writing is not always as tight as I would like it.

Anyhow,  that is nothing that 2 letters to the editor, now written and half sent, can't remedy.  I will post those in the next couple of days.


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