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Gordon Campbell coming Kamloops Wednesday, but I might prefer Doug Brown's meet and greet

Just ran into Vince Croswell on Victoria Street. Vince is managing Liberal Claude Richmond's campaign. Vince told me that Premier Gordon Campbell is whooshing into the KXA / MT Paul Centre on Wednesday evening for a rally and then whoosing out again an hour or so later.

These rallies are more media events and chances to motivate the party faithful rather than a real opportunity to find out about the party platform.

I might prefer to go to NDP candidate Doug Brown's office that evening for a meet and greet they have scheduled.


Jason Johnson


How come you're not running for MLA? I thought Gordon Campbell would ask you to run as one of his "star" candidates. With your profile in Kamloops and worldwide on the internet, you're right up there with Carole Taylor and Wally Oppal.

Arjun Singh

Jason, you are too kind. I am starting to think that I should buy you a coffee sometime soon so I can let you down easy - lol.

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