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Gotta get up really early tomorrow...

Marsha has been working as volunteer coordinator for the Y mini triathalon. I am up with her at 5am to help as well.

She likes to say that I have been "voluntold" but, truth be told, I think its going to be a really fun morning. I am going to try and take some photos and put them up here. See if I can.

Live and Unplugged with Carol James...

Ndprally_podium_1Another day in a BC election campaign, another leader's rally. In fact, according to some reports, the NDP's leader Carol James has been setting new records in terms of public events. Thursday's rally in Kamloops crammed a large group of people into the small Moose Hall on the north shore. Yes, organizers wanted to ensure the crowd looked large whatever the turnout. There were probably 200 folks in the hall.

What made me smile is how enthusiastic and earnest the crowd felt. These people were true believers. I might not share their beliefs but you got to admire the obvious commitment. I arrived at the rally just as Harry Lali was finishing up an incredibly passionate speech. What an incredible speaker!

Ndprally_roadwavingCarol James can't really deliver all the attacks on the Liberals very well. Her manner is too big sisterly. Don't get me wrong. She looks very competent. But, her nature comes through in the way she tilts her head, smiles warmly, and shakes folks' hands with both of hers.

Less media at the NDP rally than at the Liberal rally. But, CTV may have made for this with a live feed complete with this very cool satellite truck.


I have also put an online photo album with annotated photos from the NDP rally. Highlights include a very happy Harry Lali supporting couple wearing tshirts emblazoned with the Gordon Campbell maui mugshot and NDP staffers wearing clunky headsets.

Last Day for Bride and Prejudice in Kamloops

Saw an utterly hilarious movie a few days ago. Bride and Prejudice is incredibly funny - especially if you have spent any time in India, have Indian heritage, or enjoy Bollywood Movies.

This morning, my dear friend Jane calls me today and tells me Bride and Prejudice will have its last big screen showing in Kamloops this evening. I highly recommend a visit to North Hills theatre tonight!

The media and the protester at the BC Liberal Rally in Kamloops...

Digital camera in my hand and sound recorder around my neck, I spent some time this evening at the BC Liberal rally today at the Mount Paul Centre. Despite my prior post, I couldn't resist. I did go to NDP candidate Doug Brown's office after for a more enlightening meet and greet.

No election rally, whether NDP or Liberal or [insert party name here], is ever really enlightening.  These desperately stage managed events exist for two reasons - to give something for the media to report on and to rally the party faithful.

I imagine there were probably between 300 to 500 people at the rally this evening. As the media travelling with Gordon Campbell came off a bus, all trying very hard to look very neutral and blank, I noticed a little area cordoned off with barricades. This was apparently, I was informed by the security head honcho,  the designated "protest area":

Liberalrally_protestareaFunny that the one protester who actually protested Campbell's stump speech did not yell from the "protest area". He got right into the hall, and started yelling "6 dollars an hour" as Campbell got going. The media and assorted Liberal supporters were on this fellow in an instant. A guy who I am affectionally calling the "designated Liberal protest blocker" stood right in the face of the protester - and they were both surrounded by all manner of microphones and cameras.


I have posted an online album with more annotated photos of the event.

If my wife were made Pope...

A little levity today among the seriousness of electing a new Pope. Marsha told me that, if she were ever elected Pope,  she would take the name "Pope Dolly".

She told me the name would give her a lot more comfort in  "partoning" people...

Maybe your had to be there.

Incredible Visual Effects...

Least anyone is starting to think that I have become pretty narrow in the things I feel inspired to blog about, here is something that has my head spinning:


That, my friends, is not an actual replica of a coke bottle - it is a painting on pavement, completely two dimensional. Check out more of Julian Beaver's pavement art here.

And a pronounced hat tip to Kiruba, from whom I find about some very cool stuff.


Gordon Campbell coming Kamloops Wednesday, but I might prefer Doug Brown's meet and greet

Just ran into Vince Croswell on Victoria Street. Vince is managing Liberal Claude Richmond's campaign. Vince told me that Premier Gordon Campbell is whooshing into the KXA / MT Paul Centre on Wednesday evening for a rally and then whoosing out again an hour or so later.

These rallies are more media events and chances to motivate the party faithful rather than a real opportunity to find out about the party platform.

I might prefer to go to NDP candidate Doug Brown's office that evening for a meet and greet they have scheduled.

Vote "Buying" Starts to Hurt...

I am finding it increasingly hard to see the smiling faces of BC elected officials in the newspaper and TV.

For the past 2 months or so, the smiling faces have not been seen without hands holding rather large cheques. Gordon Campbell has been smiling through photo ops all over the province - 6 million here , 10 million there.

Are we that crass a society that this type of vote "buying" actually has an effect?