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Just before I got married, my brother in law took me to this wonderful Kamloops Day Spa. La Dolcevita, owned by Davide Fattor and Shelly (not too sure Shelly's last name), is a pretty foofy place.

Okay, the idea of two guys getting pedicures togethers may sound a little strange. But I challenge any guy out there to try a pedicure. I even had a facial. I gotta say that I felt rejuvenated after my "treatments".

Why I am going on about this today?  Well, I am as busy as I have ever been and I could use a regular trip to a spa / salon. I am not afraid to admit it. Need to get the bank balance back up!!



You should check out Sunmore Ginsing spa on McGill, just past the University. I've heard of the facility being compared to spas in major metropolitan cities, like NY, etc.... I think it's fairly new in Kamloops though, so I wouldn't be surprised if few people know about it.

My ex works there, but I wouldn't suggest it unless I had a reason to believe it. I was stunned when I took a tour: they have one room with 3 baths, and a wall where water comes from these awesome fountains in the wall.... you just have to see it yourself.

I'm not very experienced with spa's, and I'm biased (even if I've got nothing to gain), but I was honestly really impressed by Sunmore.

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