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Last night, My wife told me that I am obsessed with BC-STV.

Thinking about her remark today, I fear she is absolutely right. There are two things I am increasingly passionate about:

1) Getting information out about this important referendum on the way we vote in BC - from both sides of the issue.

2) Explaining to people my rationale for voting Yes.

There is no doubt that BC-STV, like an electoral system, will have many problems. But, to me, it solves more problems that causes.

A lot of sane people cannot sit through an all candidates forum in any election - too partisan, too nasty. STV is a great step in bringing more civility and compromise to our political leadership.

In my view, the more representation better. STV attempts to create a system where more people feel represented in politics. Yes, government might be slower but ultimately I think it will be better.


Mickael Maddison

Hi Arjun, it's a good thing you are busy pushing for this. I agree it's a small step in the right direction, and I'm for it.

Something I'd love to see in our lifetime is the destruction of political parties. If we simply voted for the candidate that best suited our needs and beliefs, and all the winners were then split between the policy makers and the policy debaters, then we'd never have the issue of minority/majority governments. Something along these lines could allow us to vote local and actually feel like it makes a difference for us.

Keep up the good work eh!

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