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June 08, 2005


Mr. Smarty Pants

I am a dog person. So sorry about Harley. My mutt is 13 years old and plugging on despite his age though it won't be for much longer. He has changed my life all for the better. Quite possibly he's even extended it. Rest in peace Harley.

Arjun Singh

Thanks for your kind words Mr Smarty Pants

Rob Cottingham

Augh. I feel for you, Arjun - there are few things in life so painful, for which I'm grateful. Dogs give us everything about themselves, and look at us with a profound, utter trust that we can't possibly live up to. It sounds like Harley had a full, rich life; I'm glad you knew each other.

Arjun Singh

Rob - yet again, you expressed my thoughts much better than me. Thanks for your words.


My heart goes out to you, Arjun. In a big way. As you may know from reading my blog, I love dogs sometimes more than people. And I am still trying to get over the loss of my dear sweet Clyde who died in February after sharing his big heart with me for 17 years.

It does sound like Harley was well loved and also lived a very lovely and full life. That's all a dog asks from us, but they give us so very much more in return.


Arjun Singh

Thank you Jen. I have also emailed this thread to my sister. I was very touched by your relationship with Clyde and continue to wish you all the best with your grieving process.

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