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June 14, 2005


Jason Johnson

The price is so high because it is a brand name. Someone has to pay those models to shave in front of the camera. If you bought the no-name brand shavers, you'd pay less.

Don't be too upset. Women have it much worse in that department than we do. Imagine if men had to use hot wax to remove their facial hair.

Arjun Singh

Hot Wax - ouch!

Vicki Smith

I pay $10 for three blades Arjun, and just bought Ron a new electric razor for $145. He's the cheap shave in this house.


Arjun Singh

Hey Vicki - maybe its time I tried electric shavers. Did once when I was a teenager (just starting out in the world of hair, then) and did not work for me.

Maybe this is a business opportunity?? - 3 quality blades for well under $10. lol


I use electric and absolutely love it. Much quicker in the morning.

I know people that can't stand them, though.


The last time I tried waxing my legs, I felt the need to take out vengeance upon male-kind. Consequently, my then-boyfriend spent the next six weeks walking around with silky smooth hairless ankles.

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