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The First Post I Have Removed from this Blog...

Buried somewhere in this blog was the tale of my complacency in trusting someone who I knew to be a bit shaky. This person defrauded me out of thousands of dollars. And in my tale, I shared with the world this person's name and details of what I knew of his life. I wanted others to be wary of him if they happened to "check him out" on the Internet. Yes. I should have known better to trust him but that does not excuse a  really bad action. This person never really made any sort of amends with me for the grief he caused me - until today.

Today this person called me from very far away and asked me to remove his name from the Internet. It seems some of his relatives had found the post and were none too happy. He acknowledged that he had caused me grief in a subsequent email I requested he sent me. He told me he was trying to rebuild his life.  So, although what I wrote about him was the absolute truth, I have removed the post with this person's name from this blog. I have no desire to cause him more grief than he already has suffered. I now wish him all the best in getting his life back on track.

Now, I might be just giving this person the opportunity to cause more funny business in his life. But, I am prepared to let him live with that. And give him the benefit of the doubt.

I think I made the right decision - would welcome any comments.


Another Successful Gur Singh Golf Tourney...

My Mom and Dad are true inspirations in many areas. Quick note to express my huge admiration and utter amazement that my parents managed to lead the organization of another very successful golf tourney in support of the Kamloops Brain Injury Association. The tournament looks to double the $17000 it raised in its first year. It rained most of the day on the day of the tournament but people still looked to be having a great time.

Mixed feelings about the CBC lockout...

The past three weeks, I have been monitoring various web sites for information about the CBC lockout.

Todd Maffin has put up a (no suprise here) great site - CBC Unplugged. The CBC Management has a negotiation specific site and there is also a negotiation section over at the Canadian Media Guild site. The Guild is the union for the locked out CBC employees.

I love the CBC. It symbolizes a lot of what is good about Canada. The major issue, as far as I can tell,  in the current dispute is contract employees and how many CBC should employ. Management wants more flexibility to hire people on contract, while the union feels that more contract and less permanent employees reduces its members' ability to build stable futures.

I am still mulling over where I stand on this. But,  I must say that I think this lockout has been a good thing for me. I don't mean to be insensitive to the locked out CBC employees but I am really getting to know many CBC people on a much more human level.

There is a certain detachment that many reporters and personalities feel they must exhibit. You don't really get to know much of what makes these people tick. And many argue that what makes someone ticks can't help but influence what they create for public consumption.

Locked out CBC employees have been writing blogs (see the right hand column of CBC Unplugged) and producing pirate radio podcasts. Shelagh Rogers is hosting a pirate radio show. I was touched by Shelagh's reflections on her 25 years at the CBC in this incredible show, where she is interviewed by her colleagues while driving the streets of Vancouver. If Shelagh ever pushes an interview subject on a point, I know she is either "supremely pissed off" or bored.  I also was intrigued by a CBC Kelowna reporter's comment to Shelagh that he and his colleagues were a little conflicted about how they would be able to objectively cover unions when they got back to work. Kelowna unions have , after all, come to the aid of the CBC employees in their darkest hour.   

I think Shelagh Rogers is one of the most human voices on the radio and, ironically, I don't think I would have got this level of humanity if I had heard her 25th year thoughts on my radio as opposed to on the Internet. I thank the lockout for giving me the realest Shelagh I have ever listened to. I hope, when the lockout ends, CBC people won't forget the magic they created while "on the line".