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A Massive Contribution to Voter Education in Kamloops...

I feel bad that I have not done a lot of voter advocacy during this federal election. If you are reading this and you are an over 18 Canadian, please remember to vote this upcoming Monday, Jan 23rd.

If you want a final measure of most of the candidates in the Kamloops Thompson Cariboo riding, I would highly recommend watching these video interviews masterminded by Chris Koehn. Chris is rapidly becoming one of my favourite grassroots political commentators around and he uses his videography skills to great effect with these interviews with federal candidates in Kamloops. Betty Hinton, our sitting MP, has not been responding to a lot of interview requests and unfortunately she rebuffed Chris as well.



Any links to articles written on local election topics?

Chris Koehn

Thanks for the mention, no wonder my traffic has been spiking! I've been getting back to normal after getting so involved in this election, so I've taken the opportunity to check out my bookmarked blogs tonight.

As for Dave's comment, I wish I had seen this earlier. has been trying to get people to write in about their local issues and there is a good deal of material that is relevant to our riding and BC there. They are still writing, and the backlog is interesting to read. Check it out Dave, if you see this that is...

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