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Media Bias in the Federal Election

This National Post piece is probably the most interesting article I have read in a long long time. It actually talks pretty frankly about media bias in the federal election. And how, if  a political leader doesn't treat his /her  press contingent well, that contingent can be a lot harsher than they might otherwise be. The link might go stale soon so click soon, if you are interested. Here is a quote about Stockwell Day's ill fated campaign as Canadian Aliance leader:

Running a lousy bus tour can be deadly for a campaign. Reporters travelling with former Canadian Alliance leader Stockwell Day in 2000 famously starved on the hustings for lack of catering, forced to beg their handlers to pull off the highway for McDonald's every so often. The ruthless coverage of Day's campaign wasn't strictly the result of several dozen grumbling stomachs -- but that had something to do with it.


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