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I went to Tod Maffin's Idea to Air Seminar - and it was very good.

Half a post on why I have not been blogging much...

I promised myself I would never write a post like this, but a friend's invite to talk about  a non technical blogging workshop got me thinking. My friend has some things to iron out about his workshop so that hopefully will be a post for another day.

So, why has Arjun been such a bad blogger:

I have not blogged regularly for quite some time for many reasons. A busier life, for example. Another reason is that I am just not quite sure what I am doing with this blog. Is this a strictly personal scratch and sketch pad? Is it a way of connecting with people, who might visit here regularly? Something weird eventually happens with sites like these perhaps. You realize that the public, potentially worldwide, exposure starts thoughts about obligation.  An obligation not only to others. But to yourself. A stale blogs looks lame. And you often don't erase a blog. It stays around, nagging you either to write or, at least, to give it some sense of finality.

It doesn't help that I also blog here, here, and am a seriously delinquent member here.  All labours of love, but difficult to keep up.


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