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Life as an Apartment Manager...

If, 8 months ago, you had told me I would been doing this, I would have called you insane.
But, here I am. My Mom wished it so.

I'm an apartment manager.

Although my parents have owned the Sands Apartments for over 20 years, and I have lived at the Sands for over 5, I had been only very peripherally involved in the family business.

That changed last year, when a long time manager decided to pursue other interests, and the 2 subsequent managers lasted mere months each. I was running for a seat on Kamloops City Council and we needed more stability and oversight at the Sands.

I loved the Internet Training business. It was very hard to let it go. But, I needed a more stable income while running for and perhaps sitting on City Council.

So now, I spend my weeks coordinating renting suites, maintaining the buildings, and looking for new ways to making my tenants' home lives easier. At the ends and beginnings of the month, I spend my days collecting rents.

I enjoy this, and see myself being involved with it for the forseeable future.