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A Note on Asking me about the Weather...

"Great weather we are having, isn't it?"


"Can't wait for the sunshine."

I am not really one for small talk about the weather. But, sometimes I wonder if talking about the weather is really small talk. It's fine if you are someone who spends much of the day inside, hungering for contact with the natural world.

But, if you want something to insert into a conversation, how about something different. How about - "seen any good movies / read any good books / eaten any spectacular meals / anything really got your goat / heard any good jokes"

My hope is that these suggestions might inspire other suggestions.

Its just that the weather is something  I can't really control, unless I move - and I don't really want to move because of weather right now.

This advice holds unless you are my Mother in Law - in which case, I am happy to talk weather.