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Starting 2007 in India...

A noisy generator just outside the window, I am sitting in the dining room of my family house in Ludhiana India. I have just arrived back from an interesting New Year's walk. On an already chaotic and very busy road, I watched a boisterous parade get started - one of the sights, a group of orange-turban clad musicians playing fast paced eastern melodies on bagpipes. Also, youngsters, probably 6 or 7 years of age, twirling swords above their heads.

I then went underwear shopping at the first multi story upscale shopping mall (about 6 months old) I have seen in this town. While in the middle of this mission, I strolled past the Levis store, the Nike store, the Sony store, McDonalds, and KFC. And I was not alone. The place was packed with young, well off Ludhianaites.

Much of the menswear in the mall would never sell in Canada - too bright, too boisterous, but I liked a lot of it.

Such a stark contrast after leaving the mall. Back on the road, past ramshackle food stands, small scale mechanic shops - Ludhiana is a town planner's nightmare.

The town, however, is becoming more wired. We now have high speed Internet in our home, and I have been using Vonage and Skype to keep in touch with my wife, my parents, and with Kamloops.

For 2007, I want to respond faster in a more effective manner to my clients and constituents, I want to continue down the road of living a healthy life, and I want to live by the maxim that anything is possible, if you are committed enough to making something happen.