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Totally supporting Kathy Sierra...


You know, its often hard to assign any credibility to people you come across in the blogosphere. Even a lot of really popular bloggers - its hard to say what their motivations are. It's hard to find people who particularly resonate.

But, Kathy Sierra has been different. Almost immediately after discovering her blog, I was pretty well hooked on the style, the insights, and the honesty for me. I guess Kathy writes about what could be broadly termed "creating great experiences", but its so much more than that.

Her posts are the most referenced I have seen in the blogosphere.

Now, I read over at Jeffrey Keefer's Silence and Voice that Kathy has been receiving ugly ugly death threats - and it makes me sick to my stomach. We need Kathy's voice on the Internet  - where it can be amplified thousands of times over, and benefit many many people.

We cannot stand for this. And I will support Kathy through this in whatever way I can.

You can read more here.

Damn F$#%ing Flu...a not really disguised blessing.

I have never been down, on my back, like I have been the past week. Not from the flu. From chicken pox many moons ago, yes. But the flu? I knew it would end intellectually. But, boy, does crap like this take a lot out of you.

I went to my doctor, who as well has been trying to get me to confront the reality of a high blood pressure condition. And, he had be my the short and curlies this time. Damn. Damn. Damn. Also, extraordinarily fortunate.

Flu is subsiding, ushered out hopefully by these horrible sounding, but sporadic, coughing spasms.  And, I am now taking my hypertension pills every day.

I have to take better care of myself. Too much to lose.